“As a vegetarian who lives a very active lifestyle, teaching yoga  fulltime, I sought the advice of Nadine Campbell upon falling pregnant with my  first child. I was concerned that with my teaching schedule, renovating a  studio, and running a business that I would have trouble meeting my  nutritional requirements during pregnancy. Even with a degree in Health  Education, I found the task of planning to eat a balanced diet that was nutritionally adequate a daunting task.

Nadine was fabulous – she was  able to provide me with a reference for minimum nutritional requirements, and also a range of recipes that were delicious and easy to prepare to help me  meet my dietary needs. I found her approach to be scientific, professional,  and supportive of my vegetarian and whole-food preferences. After keeping a  food diary, together we were able to work out the areas of my diet that needed  additional help via supplements to reach the recommended daily intake.

Nadine was also fantastic after my baby was born. At 3 weeks post  birth, I had low milk supply, a fussy baby and was on the verge of switching  to formula (and at my wits end). Nadine provided me with a herbal mix to increase milk supply. Wow! It worked so well, that within a week I couldn’t  believe the difference it made and I subsequently continued to exclusively  breastfeed my daughter until past her 2nd birthday. The impact this had on my  self esteem as a new mum was beyond words.

There is also something  nice about seeing a health professional who actually leads a balanced  lifestyle themselves! Nadine has cooked and catered for our weekend yoga  retreats (30 people) and the menu is always amazing and the talk of those who  attend. I would have no hesitation recommending Nadine to my own clients or anyone feeling out of balance, or overwhelmed by stress, infertility, or  pregnancy.”

Deb Young (Owner: Younga Yoga Studio  Wollongong)

“We started seeing Nadine, in preparation for our first round of IVF, we decided that after having a hard time with our last fertility clinic it was best to have a few knowledgeable professionals to consult with rather than just the fertility clinic.  Nadine was fantastic she got my husband and I on an eating program and finetuned our supplements, the best thing was that she was able to read all the tests that the fertility clinic was doing and help us understand them and respond with different foods and supplements.  She is so warm, approachable and supportive, it just feels like you have got someone on your side who sees you as a whole person rather than as eggs and sperm.  After following her eating program, supplements and even using some herbs we got pregnant on our first round of IVF and could not be happier. We will continue to see her throughout our pregnancy and could not recommend her service more highly.”
Tanya & Greg

“After falling pregnant for my first time at the age of 31 i was overjoyed but that joy was short lived when i discovered i had an eptopic pregnancy and was to lose my tube. I then tried unsuccessfully for 12 months to fall pregnant again before deciding to seek help. My partner and i went to see Nadine and after our consultant i took a short course of natural remedies and much to my delight fell pregnant within two months. I can’t recommend Nadine high enough for her expertise,
professionalism and warmth in which she showed us through this process. I have sought professional advice with a few in this field and no one can compare with her knowledge, approach and generosity.
Anyone wanting to fall pregnant should not look past Nadine Campbell. I know where i will be heading when wanting to fall pregnant again.”

“Mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally – never felt so good!! I loved that Nadine was genuine and cared about the things that bothered me and took the time to listen and never made me feel like a number or just money coming through the door.”

“My Daughter was suffering with Anxiety and mild depression due to completing her HSC and bullying. Nadine was able to communicate with her and offered her a Natural and Holistic approach. Susan trusted Nadine and was very accepting of her herbal remedies, she also liked that Nadine understood her problems and was very compassionate with her. Susan is now a much happier calmer person and grateful she found Nadine.”

“In my experience, the medical profession have limitations in time and scope in their approach to health, while naturopaths in general are more open to a wide range of treatments.
In my connection with Nadine, I have found that she has an empathetic manner, spends time to listen carefully to my problem, and she has enabled me to live more comfortably with my chronic health issues (Osteoarthritis and a Lupus Syndrome) – whether it be with general advice, nutrition, or natural medications.
Nadine always has a solution – and my health has improved and I feel better because I have been really listened to and understood, and offered solutions.
Nadine actually thinks about me when I’m not even there! She will sometimes say to me she has found a better solution for a particular health issue I may have!”

“I’m positive that Nadine’s holistic approach to my health contributed significantly to my pregnancy after a long period of ‘practice’ (as my husband called it). We’re both convinced that Nadine’s program of mineral supplements and herbal extracts to support my emotional and physical health contributed to our very welcome pregnancy in just over three months. It was refreshing to have an understanding and informed natural approach to our fertility challenge. As in our case, where there was no medical explanation for our inability to concieve, I’d recommend consulting Nadine before choosing a medical approach to becoming pregnant.”